About me

Hey! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

My name is Jernej Zupin and I come from Slovenia (Europe). I am 41. Or better, my body is 41 years old. I say it like that because (deep down) I don’t really believe I am the body 🙂

I love many different things like traveling, walking in the mountains / woods, playing the piano, reading books, listening to all sorts of music, playing tennis, skiing, cycling, paragliding,.. I also like animals very much. I feel especially close to dogs.

But above all, I am devoted to the path of self discovery. Getting to know my true nature, getting over all of my fears in inner obstacles and finally returning to oneness – to Yoga. I have stepped on this path when I was around 20 years old – when I experienced difficulties in a relationship. I am very grateful for that and also for many other challenging experiences that I am still having.
Although, there are is still a lot of judgements to let go and to undo the ego thought system of separation, guilt and attack, slowly – step by step, I am know I am getting closer to awakening to love’s presence.

For many years I have been trying to figure out, what I would like to do in my life and how can I be of greatest service to the world. I knew that it would have something to do with helping people live a more peaceful, aware and meaningful while having better relationships with other fellow human beings.

Although it seems we are living in separated bodies, I don’t really see other people as separated from me, because on a deeper level, we are still one. In reality we are just helping / healing ourselves, because there are no others. So, I see this as a kind of mutual therapy, with “others” serving as my mirror.

So this Blog is part of my contribution to other seekers of Inner Peace, True Love and Awakening. I hope it helps in some way or another on your path!

Thank you again for visiting my blog and please feel free to contact me via email: jernej.zupin@gmail.com or facebook: www.facebook.com/jernejzupin .

Have a great day! 🙂

Love & Light, Jernej.