Awakening In Love, The Spiritual Path Of A Course In Miracles


One of my favorite books and also a great inspiration and help. I was very grateful that it came into my life, because it really helped me to understand my healing process.
The book is divided into two parts. In the first part, the author describes her real life story, which is full of challenges and trials. A Course in Miracles came to her in the middle of the turbulent period in her life, with which she slowly begins to free herself of egoic mind. Her life starts to have more and more sense, in spite of further problems. With increased awareness, trust and ease, she confronts her partner, business and health problems. All to the “end” – to complete freedom, when her external, physical life no longer influences her inner peace and Awakening in Love.

In the second part, the author wants to help anyone who wants to get rid of suffering and finally feel true love through A Course of Miracles. Through her own experiences she teaches A Course in Miracles in a very understandable way. Even if you haven’t read A Course of Miracles it will be of great help in understanding the ego, its defenses, guilt, anger, loneliness and other traps that we put on ourselves, and how we can be free of this burden. I highly recommend it to anyone who truly wants freedom of egoic mind and attain inner peace.

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