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Cloud Atlas


I haven’t read this book, but I had watched film – which is based on the book – 3x or 4x times. I bought even a book, but I haven’t managed to read it yet. However, the story is very inspiring. It clearly shows how we constantly repeat the same mistakes over and over again from one life to another and how we are meeting different persons in different roles over and over again where at one time we are the victims and other times we are the victimizers. Everything and all the “players” in our life are meant for learning.

Our lives and our choices, each encounter with a fellow human being suggest a new potential direction. Fear, belief and love – phenomena that are interwoven in the story and which determine the course of our lives. Everything is connected. Every moment is a new decision for fear or love.

The story attracted me and motivated me to stop repeating the same mistakes and to finally end this cycle of birth and death.

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