What to do with the time that is given to you?


A while ago I have read a book called ‘Gandalf’s battle on the bridge in the mines of Moria’. It gave me more insight and knowledge about the voices in our head (those thoughts and emotions of the past that are keeping us earthbound) and how we should observe them, dismiss them,.. And on the other hand also to pay attention to the One that is listening to those voices. Who is listening? And if YOU (the Observer) are listening to the voices, you are obviously not the voices!

Because of reading that book, I’ve been inspired to watch The Lord of The Rings (The Fellowship of the ring) again. This time I saw it from another, deeper perspective. The whole movie is filled with symbolic elements, meaningful words, thoughts that you stop and contemplate on them and see how they relate to our lives. But the one thought that strike me the most was: ‘All you have to decide… is what to do with the time that is given to you.’

Why do I see this question as so important?

Obviously I’ve related this question with my life and how many times (too many times!), I have been wasting my time with different kinds of distractions, dwelling in old emotions, believing the voices and pulling myself out of the course that I believe I have set for myself in this lifetime even before I was born. Of course, those times of suffering are needed (until they are not needed anymore). You need to put yourself down, you need to sabotage yourself, you need to waste your energy,.. in order to then, when you finally have enough, realize what we are doing to ourselves and how we are postponing our mission to become free, to become liberated from our past fears and emotions.

I am doing my very best to be more attentive, to be more in a place of my True Self – the Observer – and how do I spent my time in each and every second. What is the purpose of everything that I do in life? What thoughts do I have and entertain in each and every moment? What am I creating with them? Do they bring me closer to complete freedom or is it taking me away from it and rooting me even more in the past (its fears and emotions), which is holding me back and creating even more suffering?

I believe this is the question that we should all question ourselves all the time.

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