Why do I worry so much and how to stop worrying

Worries are one of the most common symptoms of a separated human mind. “Why do I worry so much” is a question which burdens many around the world. We can be quickly sucked into a vicious circle of chronic worrying, with a great loss of energy, stress, anxiety, agitation, insomnia, relationship any job problems as the most common effects. If repeated on a long-term, excessive worry can very often develop into depression and other forms of serious mental disorders.

Mainly based on or inspired by A Course in Miracles, you will get the answer what is worry, why are we troubled by a variety of worries and concerns and how to overcome them – how to stop worrying about everything, how to stop feeling anxious and step off a train of negative thoughts.

What is worry

If we look a little closer, we see that worries are nothing else than a bundle of thoughts that occupy our minds. These thoughts creates the ego part of our mind. Ego arose from the imaginary idea of a separate and independent self, which convinces us that we can be separated from our Source or God. It is the cause of everything bad in this world: all fear, guilt, hatred, jealousy and other negative emotions.

The second part of the mind, which represents our true reality – Spirit, in which we are still One with everybody and everything. It is changeless and eternal. It doesn’t worry or have any kind of problems. There is only perfect awareness of Oneness, Love and Inner Peace, which is our True Nature.

Worrying doesn't take away tomorrow's troubles. It takes away today's peace.

Why do I worry so much

How is it then possible that worries occupy our minds so much? They can permeate us so completely even though our only reality is Love that knows no worries and never even experienced them. Where does this worrying, negative thoughts – which is fear – derive from? Why do I worry so much?

At the moment of apparent separation from our Source, we have forgotten this part of ourselves, which is in complete peace and no worries. In the desire for individuality and false power, we identified with the ego, which dominates the dream world of separate bodies – the reality in which we apparently live in. That’s why fear, anxiety and guilt crept into our minds, because we believe in ego’s story that we destroyed and forever lost Oneness and the Love of God, which of course is not true.

Consequently, anxiety, restlessness, loneliness and worry occurred. We believe our ego that we are vulnerable, guilty, small and helpless. And because we projected this feelings into the world, we believe that there is something outside of ourselves that can take away our inner peace and freedom (the loss of a job or a partner, lack of money, worries about health, we are worried what other people will think of us, you worry about yourself,..).

Why do I worry so much

We are constantly burdened with external problems and worries. That’s how ego skillfully conceals our main problem – feelings of alienation, loneliness and separation, which are within us. We don’t feel connected to Love – our True Reality. Therefore, we resort to various addictions: relationships, sex, internet, entertainment industry, drug, alcohol, fitness, food,.. anything that can alleviate our pain and temporarily obscure problems and concerns.

The key to solution, to regain our peace of mind – the state where worries can not exist – is then in ourselves.

Worries are also closely related to the aspect of time. We are concerned about something that happened in the past, and we are worrying about the future. Thus we are burdened of something which in this moment does not exist and so it is not true.
A Course of Miracles, as well as Eckhart Tolle deals with the importance of living in the present moment.

How to stop worrying about everything

As we have seen, the main problem is our identification with the ego mind and the belief in it. How do we recognize that we have fallen into a trap of it’s thoughts and judgements? Ask yourself: “How do you I feel at this moment?” Am I anxious, nervous, worried, angry, jealous,.. These are all signs that we believe ego. In addition, it is a sign that we do not live in the present moment.

Living in a present moment

The solution to overcoming worry is simple, but often not easy. Due to the fact that ego come up with the imaginary idea of separation / suffering / guilt / loneliness and so in reality does not exist elsewhere than just in our mind, we just need to withdraw the belief and power in this destructive thoughts, so we can again be in perfect peace without worries. We can do that by not judging this thoughts in any way and without fighting with them.

If we fight them, we give them additional power and energy, and the situation becomes even more difficult. It takes only a gentle observation or looking at these thoughts. Just like watching the passing clouds in the sky, which come and go. It is the same with our thoughts. Allow them to come and just look. In this way, we take away their power, so that they can slowly leave our consciousness, as well as the subconscious, where they were stored and “nourished” for too long.

It is also helpful to look at your thoughts with your inner teacher. It can be Jesus / Holy Spirit / Buddha / an angel or whoever represents to you a symbol of Love – a symbol of your true nature. It can help you in the process of observation, if you know that you are not alone in your situation.

It is usually difficult to put this into practice “overnight”, because we are so used to negative thinking and acting accordingly. It has become part of our identity. Because of this we rather have problems and worries in our lives, so our personality – ego self is intact, separate from others.


Many times, when I am in worried state, I use this simple, but profound line from A Course in Miracles to help me recognize the truth:

I can see peace instead of this.

The thought reminds me of the possibility of a decision that we have at any given moment. At any moment, regardless of the situation we are in, we can decide for fear (worry) or Love (acceptance, forgiveness, awareness,..). There are just this two available options. Each moment we listen to one of two inner teachers: the ego or our True Self / the voice for Love.

What are you choosing in this moment?



  1. All of this sound good, BUT when the daily reality surrounds us, often overwhelmingly and in 3D, it is a different story

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